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About Riverdale Jr. Rams Basketball
Mission Statement
The Riverdale Jr. Rams Youth Basketball Association is a 501c3 Non Profit youth Organization that is Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This organization depends on the Parents and Guardians of our athletes to help serve as coaches, and some serve on various committees, all supporting team spirit and the love of the game.
Therefore, it's everyone's responsibility to see that the organization runs smoothly and ultimately provides an avenue for our kids to learn the game of basketball and to grow in their skills to prepare them for their next level.
Parents and guardians are encouraged to do more than just sign up their children for the program; they are encouraged to get involved. The mail goal for the Jr. Rams Youth Basketball Association is to ensure that our kids are having a positive experience as they learn the game of basketball.
We believe that every Riverdale district 4th through 8th grader should have the opportunity to learn, experience and excel in the game of basketball. We do not discriminate based on skill level or experience.

Jr. Rams Basket Ball Mission Statement Goals
  • To provide a positive,fun and safet environment or the basketball activities in the community
  • To promote fairness, sportsmanship, and a team concept
  • To encourage, motivate, and support both mental and physical talents and skills
  • To prepare and provide each athlete with the opportunity to enhance their individual skills within a practice/game environment, yet within the team framework.
  • To prepare each athlete for the next level of experience - middle and or high school athletics.
  • To support the Riverdale High School boys and girls program by preparing our Jr. Ram players with the knowledge and skills based on the philosophies and goals of the high school coaches.

4th through 6th Grade Objective
  • To work on the individual and team basic fundamental skills.
  • To provide each individual with a positive physical experience competitive to his or her skill level.
  • Encourage a positive and fun environment.
  • Prepare the athlete for the next level.

7th and 8th Grade Objective
  • To enhance each athlete's individual and team skills.
  • To increase each individual's mental and physical To increase each individual's mental and competitive to his or her skill level.​
  • To challenge each athlete ot develop a strong mental attitude of success.
  • To challenge each athlete to develop a commitment to the goals of the Riverdale Basketball Program.

Constitution and Bylaws​
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